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radixa is a contentent management server that offers:

  1. distributed, browser-based document creation, editing, and control
  2. object-oriented document templates for consistent looking documents
  3. multi-level access-control-lists (managers, editors, readers)
  4. online data acquisition and reporting capabilities
  5. high-performance interface to legacy databases with dbgate option.
  6. xml authoring with xmlgate option.
  7. mobile (off-line) data acquisition and synchronization
  8. server and content portable between Windows (95/98/NT/2000, Unix (Linux, AIX, Solaris) and Macintosh
  9. unlimited customization capabilities
  10. document ubiquity and addressability
  11. documents that are always up-to-date (easy point-and-click document updating)
  12. muli-location groupware capabilities (distributed server-to-server architecture)
  13. simple and safe document security (multi-level access-control-lists)
  14. low training costs (if a user knows how to use an Internet browser then the user knows how to use radixa)
  15. zero deployment costs (no client software to purchase)
  16. no document distribution costs (electronic delivery)
  17. compatibility: 100% based on open Internet standards: (TCP/IP, HTTP, HTML, XML)


Selected sites running radixa